• Image of Earrings

Round Sterling Silver Earrings

These stylish round disc earrings are 3mm wide, and measure 1cm in diameter, and are made from sterling silver.

Round Copper Earrings

These stylish round disc earrings are 2mm high, and measure 1cm in diameter. They have copper heads, with sterling silver poles.

Triangle Copper Earrings

They measure approx 5 mm around x 3 mm high, and are finished to a beautiful mirror-finish, high-polish shine.

They made of beautiful copper, with sterling silver posts.

Square Sterling Silver Earrings

These gorgeous little square earrings are 100% sterling silver - including the post.
They have a mirror-finish, high polish shine, and are guaranteed to make your ears the coolest going around!

They measure 6mm (H) x 6mm (W) x 2.5mm (D).

Please note that as a hand-made item, there will be a small variance in the appearance between each piece, and that these variations are intrinsic to the nature of hand-made items.

Just a couple of things about caring for copper and silver - both are tarnishing metals, and so over time with exposure to oxygen, they will tarnish. This is completely normal. We will include a little polish pad in the boxes with each of the items; this will remove the tarnish quite easily.